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is responsible for the strategic development and marketing of the regions of Headwaters, York and Durham as a visitor destination.


Municipal Tax on Transient Accommodations - New Regulations - Dec. 1, 2017

The new regulations will provide municipalities with the flexibility to determine the design, administration and collection of the tax. The regulations also recognize the importance of tourism in Ontario communities by maintaining funding to existing tourism organizations that have benefited from Destination Marketing Fees (DMF) in the past. READ MORE

Partnership and Marketing Opportunities

March Break & Maple Syrup Co-Op Ad Opportunity – Limited Space, Act Quickly

This March, York Durham and Headwaters invite visitors from all over Ontario and beyond, to explore our regions to get a true taste of winter fun. On March 8, 2018, you are invited to participate in a double page spread in the Globe and Mail.  Participants must promote one of the following:  family activities and programs, March break programs, Maple syrup events, Winter fun, March break getaways or festivals & events. Space is limited and subject to availability.  Book by: Feb. 12, 2018. Material due by Feb. 23, 2018.   Read More: March Break & Maple Syrup Ad Opportunity

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The Power of Collecting Customer Data

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In recent years, the ability to learn more about who your customers are, find out their likes, habits and what they do in their leisure time, including how to target your marketing has advanced beyond what many people would have ever thought possible. Advertising platforms such Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and many more now allow you to create highly targeted ads that are shown only to your ideal customer, letting you directly pinpoint your market without wasting your budget on reaching demographics that don’t fit the profile of someone who would be interested in your business.

While the ability to target ads in this way is certainly excellent news for businesses everywhere, it does present a challenge, unless you are able to create an accurate profile of your ideal customer, highly targeted advertising is unlikely to do you any good. How, then, does a business get started figuring out who (and where) their ideal customers are.

Five Reasons You Should Explore Your Learning Potential

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We’ve all done it. You register for a webinar or a workshop and when the date comes, you find yourself too busy or not as interested in the topic as you were before, and you decide to pass on the event. Even with relevant and exciting content for our workshops – some of our best and targeted learning sessions go are under-attended. Here’s why you need to invest time in yourself and your business.

B2B Resolutions to Start Your New Year

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2018 is almost upon us, and with the arrival of a new year comes everyone’s favorite thing, the impossible task of coming up with resolutions for the next 12 months. We have a few B2B suggestions for you to start the New Year proactively.
1. Be co-dependant! Your business isn’t meant to operate in a vacuum. Think about who in your area you could work with to create some powerful partnerships and share ideas for business growth.

This B2B site connects our tourism partners to the latest news, research, resources, and business opportunities.

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Looking to enhance your community’s tourism growth potential? The Community Tourism Planning Kit is now live!  For more information on how to complete the toolkit, contact your regional field representative.


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