Social Media Quick Tips

The marketing team here at Central Counties have put together some quick tips that will help boost engagement on your business’ social media channels. Elevate your brand’s profile by introducing your business to new audiences.

Tag Central Counties Tourism

Tag @visitYDH in your Instagram posts and stories – this gives us permission to repost and share your exciting events with our consumer audience.

Tag @centralcountiestourism in your Instagram posts and stories – this gives us permission to repost and share your business new with other stakeholders.

Tips for Tagging

Using geotags or image tags in conjunction with location hashtags can enhance your visibility more by ensuring your posts are also seen by people at or near your location. Even for local businesses that are e-commerce focused, geotags and location hashtags are useful tactics you can leverage to connect with your surrounding community.

Tag a Business or Person

Tagged businesses or individuals can see and share your post, doubling the exposure of your content.


View what others are posting about your business, event or region by searching by location.

Location Hashtags

Use a location hashtag as a promotional tool to offer incentives to customers who visit your business or event.

Engage with social media influencers that have tagged your location to help promote your business.

Let Us Help You

For assistance or content creation contact your Regional Field Manager or CCT’s Marketing Manager. See our Staff Profiles.

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