Extend Summer into Your Shoulder Season

It’s summer and business is booming! We all know this is the best time of the year to be a Central Counties business owner. However, the shoulder season will soon be upon us, and now is the time savvy business owners start to prepare for that lull in sales by making some smart decisions today that are sure to pay off in the future.

Central Counties Businesses Should Target Shoulder Season Customers Now

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to start persuading your customers to visit during the shoulder season as well. Here are some ways to target those customers:

Tips to Help Extend Summer into Your Shoulder Season

  • Collect Customer Data– Take advantage of current customers by collecting their email addresses and other info now so you can use this information later to spark their interest with deals, specials, and discounts during the shoulder season that will get them to come back! Be sure to also collect your customers’ residential postal code and their city or town. You’d be amazed at how much info Central Counties can gather on your customer demographics with this info.
  • Leverage Co-Op Advertising – Cooperative advertising is an effective and low-cost way for manufacturers, franchises, retailers and distributors to reach their target markets via local businesses like yours. Co-op advertising lets you form a partnership with them to share the cost of advertising your business. Co-op advertising costs are typically subsidized about 30 to 50 percent, and some even offer free advertising. Be sure to research to see if you are eligible for any co-op opportunities for your business and take advantage of these free advertising dollars during the shoulder season.
  • Maintain Your TripAdvisor Accounts– Is your business making the most of your TripAdvisor profile? Did you know that TripAdvisor is the largest and most popular travel website in the world with over 96 million members? It is crucial for your business that you take an active role on this site. First, be sure your profile is always up to date. Also, ask customers to write a review if they liked their experience at your business. Finally, make it a point to follow up on reviews and respond to all of them – good or bad. Taking control of your business profile on TripAdvisor and being proactive is the best way to make the most of your listing and spotlight your business.
  • Get Social– When customers are visiting your business this summer, urge them to become a fan of your business on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. so that you can engage them during the shoulder season to remind them how much fun they had here during their visit! If you haven’t brushed up on your digital marketing skills, now is the time to do so. Do not underestimate the power of digital marketing and a strong social media presence to bring customers to your Central Counties business.
  • Update Your Online Presence– It is always a good idea to routinely check out the online presence of your business. It is imperative to make sure your website is up to date with current information. In addition, ensure your information is correct on the Central Counties Tourism website. Your Central Counties Tourism profile is an easy and FREE way to make a great first impression with potential visitors to the region. From your enticing profile picture to your business description, your goal (and ours) is to show visitors why they want you to be a part of their day trip, weekend getaway, or family vacation.

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