2024/25 Partnership Program FAQs

Q: I don’t see the 2024/2025 program as an option to begin an application or to  create additional ones, what do I do?

A: If you do not see the partnership program listed after logging in and/or do not see the APPLY option,  click on Programs (upper right) which  will bring you to the programs page where you can select  the 2024/2025 Partnership Opportunities Program to begin a new application. If it is still not displayed there, you may not have answered the eligibility questions correctly – contact your region’s Industry Relations Manager (IRMs) for help.

Q: I don’t see the application I started the other day, where did it go?

A: If you do not see your application – click on My Applications (upper right) for a complete list of all applications associated with your Apply default profile. If you still don’t see it there, you may have created an ‘Organization’ account which can be accessed from the dropdown menu tied to your name (upper left). Click on your name and then select the organization name, and you should find the application there.

Q: Is there a benefit to applying early?

A: Yes and no. This gives the IRMs an opportunity to review your application  and flag any issues, but all applications are evaluated by the Partnership Committee after the application closes.

Q: Can I ask for funding for expenses from all three categories in one application?

A: No, each stream/category needs to be applied for separately.

Q: Can I apply for the second intake if I was not approved for the first?

A: Yes, but be sure to reach out to your IRM to see what you can improve on the application, if necessary.

Q: Can I apply to the second intake even if I received funds from the first intake?

A: Yes, however the application needs to be for a different project.

Q: Can I get approved for multiple applications (different streams)?

A: Technically yes, but due to the overwhelming demand and CCTs desire to spread funding across the three regions, expectations should be tempered.

Q: When will I find out if I’m successful?

A: Our goal is to notify everyone within 10 working days of the intake closing.

Q: Can I use the partnership funds to cover the  CCT Environics visitor data research costs (e.g. postal code analysis or geofencing)?

A: CCT cannot cover the research costs (it’s double dipping), however you can use it as part of the 50% you will cover in the partnership expenses. The receipt can be included as proof of the 50% you paid.

Q: When creating the 40km radius map is it as the crow flies not the KM’s driven?

A: Yes, as the crows fly…not how many kilometers are driven.

Q: How should I gather data to support how many visitors are coming from 40km+?

A: This will depend on your project and we recommend you discuss this with your IRM. Two examples are: collecting postal codes as part of online ticket sales and creating a survey (a free CCT service) that includes asking for postal codes.

Q: Are eTransfers allowed as a form of vendor payment?

A: eTransfers are allowed if proper backup is provided. Please refer to Schedule D in your contract for details or reach out to Katie Ryalen kryalen@centralcounties.ca for contract/payment questions directly.

Q: If there are two identical applications and one says it won’t go ahead without funding and the other says it will, does one have a better chance of funding?

A: No, but some evaluators view an event that is going to happen whether or not it receives our funding, as a good investment.

Q: Are your funds being split evenly between intakes?

A: We do not plan on doing a set amount for each intake.  Having said that, growing shoulder season visitation is a priority for the organization and we will certainly ensure that funds are available for the second intake if there is insufficient representation of shoulder growth projects in the first intake.

Q: What is considered the project completion date?

A:  All reports must be submitted no later than 45 days after the contract completion date, which you will indicate in your Schedule D, or March 31, whichever is earlier.

Q: Can I expense a website development and maintenance?

A: For a list of eligible and ineligible expenses by stream see the list here.

Q: I’m not sure how to use TREIM or where to find it can you help?

A: The TREIM analysis tool can be found here and a detailed How-To can be found here.

Q: Where do I find the budget template you want me to use?

A: You can download this Budget Example and Template Excel file.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, contact your region’s  IRM directly:

YORK: Sara Sterling, ssterling@centralcounties.ca

DURHAM: Lisa John-Mackenzie, ljohn-mackenzie@centralcounties.ca

HEADWATERS: Sarah Gratta, sgratta@centralcounties.ca


Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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