AVTR1 User Intro

Where Reality Meets Imagination. Avatar-led Immersive Experiences.

Welcome to AVTR1, the premier augmented reality platform designed to transform your experiences into captivating journeys. Whether you’re exploring a museum, visiting an attraction, checking into a hotel room, at a conservation area, visiting a town or village, enjoying a tasting at a brewery or winery, visiting an open house, or at a training seminar, AVTR1 brings stories, tours, and education to life in ways you’ve never imagined.

Coyote avatar coming out of a smart phone

With AVTR1, businesses across various industries leverage cutting-edge technology to immerse you in their narratives. AVTR1 offers more than just engaging entertainment and information sharing – it’s an interactive platform that encourages exploration and discovery.

Let your virtual tour guide lead the way and discover the world around you.

Avatars can provide links via click-thru 3D augmented reality objects to additional resources, such as videos, articles, or virtual tours, train manuals, house specs, information guides, and more, allowing you to delve deeper into the topics that interest you most.

This app was created to assist businesses with visitor, employee, and client engagement. AVTR1 gives businesses an interactive platform to share information and experiences that they never could before due to limited resources of staff time and accessibility.

How Does it Work?

When app users see the AVTR1 logo and a QR code, they can download the app which will allow them to scan the QR code using their mobile phone camera. A customized avatar will spawn from a specific location, and users will see the avatar and various objects through the mobile screen. The avatar is 3-dimensional and visible 360 degrees. Through synchronized audio tracks, animations, and closed captioning, the avatar will then lead the user on an immersive tour, program, or experience. The experience can be at one location or have several stops in the program to move the visitor to various locations, each with a unique QR code for that stop.

Examples Include

  • Conducting a heritage walking tour in a town or village.
  • Guiding guests through a tasting experience at a restaurant, winery, or brewery.
  • Pointing out various amenities in a hotel room
  • Leading a carefully curated tour through a museum or gallery.
  • Educating the public about nature and sustainability at a conservation area.
  • Interacting with a farmer during an agri-tourism experience
  • Facilitating an employee training seminar

With AVTR1, the possibilities are endless – and the adventures are just beginning!