Where Reality Meets Imagination. Avatar-led Immersive Experiences.

Welcome to AVTR1, the premier augmented reality platform designed to transform your customer experiences into compelling journeys. From museums to breweries, hotels to towns, AVTR1 will bring your destination’s story to life and engage your visitors like never before!

Coyote avatar coming out of a smart phone

With AVTR1, you can revolutionize your guests’ experiences through the lens of their mobile devices, offering captivating avatar-led tours that immerse them in your unique story.

How it Works

  • Place a single or multiple AVTR1 QR Code Activation Signages throughout your venue.
  • The AVTR1 QR Code Activation Signage can be placed in any location (ex: floor, sign, wall, table) as long as the QR code is legible and clear.
  • If this is the first time your guest has scanned an AVTR1 QR code, they will be prompted to download the app.
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  • Once the app is installed, scanning the AVTR1 QR code again will activate the AVTR1 experience.

Every good story deserves a good story-teller. That’s why every AVTR1 experience is led by an avatar customized to your specifications.

The AVTR1 Experience

  • Upon scanning the AVTR1 QR code, your guest will see a 3D avatar spawn on the screen of their mobile device that is visible in 360 degrees.
  • The avatar will be tethered to the AVTR1 QR code, however it’s placement, size and distance are all customized to suit your needs.
  • Through synchronized audio tracks, animations, and closed captioning, the AVTR1 avatar will begin animating in real-time
  • The AVTR1 avatar will then lead your guests on an immersive tour, program, or experience.
  • Where that AVTR1 journey leads them is entirely up to you!

Examples Include

  • Conducting a heritage walking tour in a town or village.
  • Guiding guests through a tasting experience at a restaurant, winery, or brewery.
  • Pointing out various amenities in a hotel room
  • Leading a carefully curated tour through a museum or gallery.
  • Educating the public about nature and sustainability at a conservation area.
  • Interacting with a farmer during an agri-tourism experience
  • Facilitating an employee training seminar


Annual subscriptions begin at $1,000 for Central Counties stakeholders.

Level 1

QR Codes: 3

Max Storage: 15 min

Support & Renewal Discount

Level 2

QR Codes: 7

Max Storage: 35 min

Support & Renewal Discount

Level 3

QR Codes: 15

Max Storage: 75 min

Support & Renewal Discount

Level 4

QR Codes: 30

Max Storage: 150 min

Support & Renewal Discount

Level 5

QR Codes: 100

Max Storage: 500 min

Support & Renewal Discount

Level 6

QR Codes: Unlimited

Max Storage: Unlimited

Support & Renewal Discount

Don’t see what you need?

Please contact us directly to discuss customization. Pricing and limitations may vary based on the number of QR codes required, the length of content, additional animations and objects, and the amount of storage needed.

Want to make AVTR1 part of your non-tourism business? For more information on our wholesale and licensing packages, please contact us.




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