The Power of the Press Kit!

Central Counties Tourism works diligently to promote its stakeholders, their programs and businesses to accredited traditional media, editors, influencers and content creators.  The Marketing and Communications department works closely with the regional field representatives to ensure we have the most updated information of what is happening at your businesses in York Durham Headwaters in order to secure the most positive press possible for our tourism stakeholders in order to drive visitation and increase economic impact for you!

As you are aware, third-party endorsement of a program or product is incredibly valuable. Not only does it extend your audience reach, but it reaches them through a trusted information resource.  Press kits help explain the core facts of your tourism business, your industry passion, background, and programs to journalists, editors, and the media in a neat digestible package. The idea is that anyone veiwing your press kit can figure out the key people, key facts, and key information about your business without having to speak to you.

Better still, they can download the assets they need for their story without emailing you first and waiting for a response. This saves their time and yours, whilst drastically improving your media relations without too much effort on your part. You have already done the fact-checking and have provided everything required for an amazing story.

This is why the media and the staff at CCT love press kits. They save time, are to the point and highlight all of the information that matters to the press all without having to sort through what is relevant or not.

Ultimately, having an updated press kit, ready for distribution at your fingertips or already provided to CCT, saves you and CCT staff time put information together when a call for content comes in…whether its planned or a last-minute request.


What goes in a Basic Press Kit? 

Backgrounder:  A one pager about who you are and why you are passionate about what you do as it relates to your product, program and tourism.

  • Description of your tourism product and programs.
  • A calendar or events if possible, with descriptions.
  • A quote from a relevant person at your business about why you do what you do.
  • Contact details for the people who you want representing your company in the public eye: including name, email, and phone.
  • Social Media links
  • Website Address
  • Photography (links to a dropbox or CCT image bank collection.) Indicate any image credit information. Press do not enjoy giant image files emailed to them….!

We suggest you keep your press kit digitally and the assets easily accessible online.  If Media reach out, keep a media list for future communication.

Many online design systems like Canva, and others, offer free templates to follow.  


CCT Media Relations Services

CCT offers FREE media relations services to all its registered tourism stakeholders. These services can include:

  • Potential inclusion in Seasonal Campaign CCT Press Releases. When appropriate, CCT also uses press kit information and the information (like profiles and events) uploaded to through your CCT registered account, to distribute weekly “What’s on in YDH!” press releases and customized special reports.  These releases are distributed to thousands of accredited content creators for various online, social and digital publications/channels. 
  • Distribution of Stakeholder generated releases. CCT will distribute your own press releases to targeted press.
  • Media Monitoring. CCT monitors stakeholder coverage in all digital publications.
  • Media Pitching. During the YDH seasonal campaigns, CCT will pitch major outlets (online, print and television) incredible stories about what is going on in the region.
  • Partnering with Destination Ontario. Often Destination Ontario will reach out to CCT staff with media inquiries about specific products and programs.

Please note: CCT cannot share media contact information lists.  These distribution lists are owned by its media services outlet. If you require any targeting assistance, please reach out to your field manager.


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This article was inspired by:, Press Kit & Media Kit Guide


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