Susan Boyle – Director of Marketing and Communications


Name: Susan Boyle
Started at CCT: October 2013


1. What’s your role at Central Counties Tourism? Can you explain what your role entails?

I am the Director of Marketing and Communications.  I am responsible for ensuring all the wonderful things that are happening in and around our regions regarding our tourism story are communicated to the public through strategic marketing activities with the ultimate goal of getting them to visit and spend their hard earned dollars in the region.  I work very closely with the CCT marketing manager to ensure all communications to the public for our B2C campaigns are exciting, relevant and engaging.

2.  If you had to describe your job in a hashtag, what would it be?


3. Can you describe a success you are most proud of during your time at Central Counties Tourism?

Our magazines.  A few years ago, we brought all creative concepts in-house and that is when we decided to product a series of Road Trip Magazines.  To date we’ve produced 6 and each one gets better and better. The magazines allow us to give a great pan-regional view of our regions while highlighting our outstanding tourism businesses in unique ways.

4. Where do you do your best thinking?

I can’t say exactly where I do my best thinking but I do get inspired when I am surrounded by people who are passionate about tourism and marketing.  The other place I get some quality thinking done is in bed, late at night.  I often dream about marketing ideas, taglines, tactics….so I keep a journal on my night stand.

5. What are your favorite snacks?

Dim Sum and candy (especially gum!!!  The sugary bad-for-you kind.)

6. What are some of your passions outside of work?

I absolutely adore my dogs.  I have two Dobermans named Finn and Olive who are my best friends and confidants. I take care of 50,000 bees as well.  I love to cook.  I read cooking magazines, take classes, watch cooking shows and am always trying something new.  I also love to hike.  My husband and I have 13 acres of conservation land in Belfountain (the Headwaters region), so I am surrounded by beauty every day….I am very lucky.

7. What is one thing you do almost every morning?

In order….let my dogs jump in bed with me for a morning snuggle, check emails as soon as my eyes open, drink sparkling water with ginger and lemon, walk the poochies and start my day.


Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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