Eleanor Cook – Durham Region Field Manager


Name: Eleanor Cook
Department: Field
Started at CCT: Jan 2013

1. What’s your role at Central Counties Tourism? Can you explain what your role entails?

I am the Durham Region Field Manager. Most stakeholders know us as the ‘front-line’ face to CCT. Being in the ‘field’ means we are onsite, inside their business, at their event, behind their scene, meeting their staff, helping their business benefit from tourism economics.
A work day may consist of meeting a brewery owner, a municipal staff planner, a retailer of handmade products, or a conservation area manager! Tomorrow, we are sitting down with a local chef, a studio artist, a fat-biker and trail volunteer, a ice-fishing operator, a local historian, or a BIA Coordinator.
We look at their commonalities and, together, convert opportunities into economics.

We build relationships of trust, alignment and mutual dedication. It is a privilege to work with hard-working Ontario businesses!

2.  If you had to describe your job in a hashtag, what would it be?


3. Can you describe a success you are most proud of during your time at Central Counties Tourism?

Hands down -the ‘Stakeholder Spotlight’ at CCT’s AGM! When a stakeholder shines, I feel like a ‘proud mama’!

4. Where do you do your best thinking?

When listening. When a creative stakeholder tells me cool stories about themselves, light bulbs go off, genius thoughts manifest, it’s mesmerizing!

5. What are your favorite snacks?

Other staffs’ snacks, lol! We all share and care about each other and pool our snacks.
Ok… jujubes are pretty yummy!

6. What are some of your passions outside of work?

Stand-up paddle boarding. Open-fire cooking (inspired by chefs I’ve met at work) -an amazing experience! Being a tourist in neighbouring RTO’s!

7. What is one thing you do almost every morning?

Guilty: grind coffee then checks emails!


Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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