Central Counties Tourism is pleased to continue its industry partner program, designed to further our collective success in attracting tourists (visitors that are travelling more than 40 km) to the region and/or extending the length of time they spend with us.

The popularity of the program continues to grow as more tourism stakeholders are making investments to grow visitation and revenues. In past years, Central Counties has done continual intake for partnerships until all of our available funds had been committed. Foreseeing an issue with more projects being proposed than we have funds for, Central Counties has staggered intake periods.

Intake Periods:
There will be five intak periods. Proposals must be submitted no later than the intake period date.

Dates: Proposals must be submitted no later than:

March 15, 2021 for projects beginning April 1 – May 31  CLOSED
May 15, 2021 for projects beginning June 1 – July 31  CLOSED
July 15, 2021 for projects beginning August 1 – September 30  CLOSED
Sept 15, 2021 for projects beginning October 1 – December 31  CLOSED
December 15, 2021 for projects beginning January 1 – March 31, 2022

Documents (Review both Part A & Part B):

Part A: 2021-22 Partnership Opportunities Application


Step 1: Read and complete the fillable application form and submit it to CTT for approval.

Part B: 2021-22 Partnership Report Template

CCT 2021-2022 Partnership Report Template

Step 1: Pre-project launch: Please read the 2021 Partnership Report Template document BEFORE your project launches to ensure you are aware of the details you will provide to CCT when your project is completed and take the necessary steps to collect the information when your project is running.

Step 2: Post-project: Complete the CCT 2021 Partnership Report Template and submit/report the successes of your completed project.

Information on Municipal Website Partnerships

As tourism becomes recognized as an economic driver throughout communities in Central Counties, municipalities are looking at developing tourism websites to promote the activities and services available to out-of-town visitors. Is your municipality ready for a tourism website? Read more here.