Double-Page Co-op in the Metro Section in the Globe and Mail

Eight - 1 /4 page ads available

Insertion Date November 10, 2022

Booking Deadline October 20, 2022

Material Due October 27, 2022

Theme Holiday Fun, Foodie Experiences, Family Adventure, Outdoor Activities, Attractions, Festivals and Events

About the Advertisement

York Durham Headwaters invites visitors from all over Ontario and beyond to explore our regions to get a true taste of holiday fun. On Thursday, November 10, 2022, you are invited to participate in a double full page spread in the Globe and Mail, which will promote all the amazing things to do and see in Ontario this winter. This opportunity is limited and subject to availability.


PRINT: 592,000 weekday print readers

ONLINE: Ontario 4.2 million monthly

ADDITIONAL COVERAGE: Events and businesses will be featured on Please ensure your attractions, events, festivals, farmers’ markets and shopping locations are updated and uploaded.


Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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