New Visitor Segmentation!

Since 2017, Central Counties has been collecting postal codes from its various stakeholders and different festivals/events, all to have a thorough understanding of its visitation to both to the stakeholders and the region. This detailed analysis has been done with Environics Analytics to geo-code each postal code into its own unique segmentation, Prizm. Every ten years the Prizm profiles receive a major update to better represent the demographic changes that occurred over time. This latest update was done this summer. Though this analysis is pre-COVID-19, we know from past research findings that tourists will be travelling closer to home, it is now more important to look at both visitors outside of the boundary and within the region too.

These new Regional Reports represent an analysis of this new visitor segmentation from visitation between 2017-2019 within the following five groups:

  • Visitors who have travelled 0-400km from outside of the Central Counties boundary
  • Residents who live within the Central Counties boundary
  • Residents who live within Durham region
  • Residents who live within York region
  • Residents who live within Headwaters

Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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