Hot Tips for Content Marketing

Building your brand is the key to the success of your business. Focusing on content marketing is a vital aspect of this strategy. You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to implement content marketing that targets your B2C audience. Following these effective and simple tactics can place your content front and center in your marketing outreach.

1. Video

Video is huge and a good video can help you get much more engagement than text or image updates. Videos are the ideal method of authenticating your brand. While short videos — think two minutes and under — are ideal for posting to social media, don’t be shy about making longer videos that delve more deeply into your product.

Content Ideas:

Testimonials – Creating video testimonials can help boost your audience’s trust.

Behind the scenes – A behind the scenes video can give your audience insight into your business and boost engagement.

Your brand story – Share your brands’ story with your audience in a short, fun video.

Product reveal – Do you have a new product launching? Help promote it by creating a product reveal video, or a video on your most popular product.


Remember, you don’t need to be a professional!  Ask your employees to use their camera’s or better yet, use a company Go-Pro to capture interesting footage and exciting moments.  Partner with like-minded brands and businesses to share production costs. Let your RTO or DMO know, you are willing and able to help with any of their projects!

Create your video around a story or experience, not the sale of your product.

Keep it humorous and interesting!

2. Blogs

A blog provides a communication method for easily conveying the intricacies that make your brand unique or appealing to visitors. Blogging makes it simple to establish your brand and product as a leader. It’s also a robust platform for engaging naturally with prospective visitors as you share your brand’s personality.

Content Ideas:

Blog topics can range from those focused on your business’ history, your personal history and what led you to where you are today, and even the people behind your business that create customer experiences.


Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – who is your customer and what type of experience and product can you provide to meet their expectations. Take a look at our regional ideal customer profiles: Up and Coming Explorers; Connected Explorers; Nature Lovers.


3. Social 

Whether its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor your other media preferences, social media lends itself to so many different forms of marketing.

Content Ideas:

Take advantage of free opportunities!  Don’t forget to let your field representative know what is going on in your region and with your business. All promotional content used by CCT, is pulled from the event database….so keep it updated.

Better yet, if you have a great story idea, reach out to the marketing department.  We are always looking for new content and story angles.


Tag and Follow Central Counties – Increase your piece of the exposure by tagging and following us on our social media accounts for your chance to be promoted online!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tag our social media handle and include #visitydh when you post! The secret is to be concise using vivid language that gets right to the point.

Keeps your media accounts fresh by posting new images to keep it current and interesting.

It’s also important to use descriptive words that visitors might use to find the information they need.

Some ideas include posting the details of an upcoming event, a link to your latest video as well as a short explainer blurb or the link to a blog post that you’ve recently uploaded to your website.

4. Update Your Content

Be proactive!  Set a day aside each month to share and update information with your colleagues and tourism partners.  Often, we get caught up in planning exciting events and running a business, we forget to let the people who promote it know what’s going on.

Create a calendar reminder to update your events on  and

Send new images to the people who are promoting you….it ups your chances of optimal coverage.

If you don’t have time to create an e-newsletter or update your website, why not take advantage of those that do! Did you know over 900K people visit  each year looking for things to do. And to date, CCT has had over 210k visitors looking for activities in our regions.



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