E.D. Corner: January 2019

There are a lot of parables that speak to the individual being responsible for his/her own success.  Probably the reason there are so many is that it is true.  Each of us has the ability to make choices that will lead to achieving our individual goals. I believe the two biggest hurdles to overcome are routine and time.

In all of my years of working, I do not believe that I have ever heard anyone tell me they had too much time on their hands.  We are all busy, and for many the very notion of taking time to focus on something else – even if we know that is has the potential of assisting our business or help us achieve some goal – is enough to keep us up at night.  The main issue is people can’t see where they will be able to fit something new into their schedule, or routine.

As Executive Director of Central Counties, my goal is to build the tourism capacity (the number of businesses/destinations that are ready to welcome more visitors and are working together to do so) in the region and help our tourism businesses work together to invite more people to visit.  Keeping that goal at the forefront of our decision making allows Central Counties to explore new opportunities that can help us achieve it.  We aren’t afraid of breaking up our daily routines to spend some time on projects that have the potential of helping us reach our goals faster than some of the other tasks we had on the go as part of those routines.

That was my long-winded and slightly soap boxy way of saying that Central Counties provides lots of opportunities for your business or organization to achieve your goals.  We just need you to break your daily routines and make a bit of time to take advantage of them.  Here are three coming up soon:

  • Central Counties Tourism Symposium: This in an amazing day of learning and networking with peers from across the region.  This year, based on feedback from past attendees, we are hosting one big symposium instead of three regional ones so that you can get a really good sense of great things are taking place across Central Counties.  Don’t delay.  REGISTER HERE
  • Ministry of Tourism Strategy Survey:  I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to provide input into the new Tourism Strategy being developed by the Ontario government.  The more input the government receives, the more comprehensive and relevant the strategy will be.  I have completed the survey and it only takes about 10-20 minutes.  Take your time with it and be sure to add your comments.  You can complete the survey by clicking here.
  • 2019 Temperance and Temptation:  We launched the program last year and are building on it in 2019.  If you are interested in being a partner in the 2019 program as part of the self-guided tours, bus tours, dinner theatre or a combination of all three, we will be hosting a meeting in February to frame out the 2019 season.  If you would like to be part of that meeting, please let me know.  You can email me at cthibeault@centralcounties.ca.

Tourism, its businesses and attractions, play many roles in society.  Tourism is an economic driver.  Tourism helps attract new residents and businesses.  Tourism improves quality of life.  Regardless of how tourism touches your work goals and objectives, I encourage you to stay active with Central Counties and be open to breaking your routines to include new opportunities to achieve those goals.  Have a great day!



Central Counties is located North of Toronto


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