Do Your Visitors Drink Alcohol?

Do you want to know more about the alcohol consumption of your visitors? If so, what do you need to know and what can you tell us about your visitors?

These questions are not meant to be rhetorical at all, they are meant to ask, ‘what do you know about your visitors?’ This is especially important for businesses in the Food & Beverage sector that want to increase their visitation and brand presence to become a top-of-mind drinking establishment. During these difficult and uncertain times, research is the best approach to narrow your focus on the right type of visitor, how to reach them, and which areas you should target to find more of them without any guessing or spending money unnecessarily!

With our up-to date Visitor Research Program, we are able to identify what your typical visitor would look like, how far they travel to your business, and where you can find more of them. In this month’s Research Corner, aligning with our Temperance & Temptation program, we are providing a breakdown of visitors who drink Canadian Wine, Craft Beer, and Ciders. These profiles are based on census data from those who identified as a household that consumes these beverage types, where they live to ensure you’re Geo-tagging the right markets, and reaching them more effectively.

Find out what you need to know on alcohol consumption by looking at our Visitor Research page here (scroll down to the section).

Headwaters York Durham
Canadian Wine Drinkers Canadian Wine Drinkers Canadian Wine Drinkers
Cider Drinkers Cider Drinkers Cider Drinkers
Microbrewery/Craft Beer Drinkers Microbrewery/Craft Beer Drinkers Microbrewery/Craft Beer Drinkers


If you have any requests for other variables that you would like us to look at, have your own collection of visitor postal codes, or want to talk research opportunities, please email Tom at to discuss further.


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