Data – How Useful is it?

It’s useful for absolutely everything!

By having access to accurate data, there are an infinite amount of possibilities of its application. Data will help add weight to your business plan; it will identify your target markets, assist in creating marketing campaigns, scope out a new event location, and even strengthen your grant applications. CCT is able to provide you with the tools to apply your data to these examples and many more.

The data that is required for proper analysis is a full six-character postal code from your visitors. That is the minimum.

That being said, are your businesses structured to collect postal codes? Possibly collect it through a waiver filled out by each guest; a cashier asking at the point-of-sale and then recording it; through a contest; or include it in an exit-survey at your event. Especially with Spring/Summer events and festivals around the corner, is postal code collection part of your plan?

CCT is committed to working with its stakeholders to help understand your visitors. This type of knowledge is key to increase awareness, visitation, revenue, and overall to be more successful. The Visitor Research Program provides businesses with individual reports based on their actual visitors, and their postal codes are added to their regional aggregated reports. It is these aggregated reports that help everyone better understand the region’s visitors. Your visitors could have also visited the business next door. Below are the regional aggregated reports from last quarter: October 2019 – December 2019.

York Oct – Dec 2019

Durham Oct – Dec 2019

Headwaters Oct – Dec 2019

RTO6 (all regions combined) Oct – Dec 2019

These aggregated reports illustrate the typical Fall season visitor.

If you have any questions about these reports, or would like to purchase your own individual Visitor Research Program report, please contact Tom Guerquin, Research & Development Project Manager, to learn how you can take advantage of this program for your business at


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