Trends in Visitation & Other Research Links

Environics Analytics

In addition to our website’s COVID-19 section, and TIAO’s COVID-19 Survey Results (including Survey #5), we would like to share with you a few other sources of information that we follow and track.

Environics Analytics has created a free public dashboard of measuring Domestic Overnight Visitors weekly within Canada, since February 4th, 2020, and comparing the data year-over-year and week-over-week. Through this dashboard we are able to see trends within our region, other regions, the average for the province, other provinces’ average too, and also compare them to each other. Click HERE to see the trends in Domestic Overnight Visitors to RTO6, the Ontario Average, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and their comparison to RTO6. On average, overnight visitation in RTO6 is 8.5% lower than the Ontario average, but also slightly better the GTA’s average. However, since March 16th, we have been steadily performing better than the GTA, approximately 8% better. As Ontario continues to gradually re-open, it will be interesting to see the changes in this weekly tracker.


Additional research links and free webinars:

Destination Canada – COVID 19 Research

Travel and Tourism Research Association – COVID-19 Online Forum Recordings

Destination Analysts (US Research) – COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Index Research Webinars