Executive Director June Recap

By June 27, 2018Media Room
Biking Summer Trails

Happy Summer,

Hold onto your hats.  I know for many of you the busy season is right around the corner.  Central Counties is hard at work launching our summer campaign which includes the Road Trip Magazine, supporting content on yorkdurhamheadwaters.ca,  lots of media FAMS and bloggers to write about the great things to see and do in our region and the launch of the Temperance and Temptation experiences.  The Road Trip Magazine gets distributed through the Globe & Mail, the Ontario Travel Information Centres and CAA.  All of the articles have a call to action to visit yorkdurhamheadwaters.ca which expands on the content and helps consumers choose what they want to do while visiting our great region.  Once they get an idea of the opportunities here in Central Counties, they will be able to click directly to your website to make their plans. 

Google Analytics LogoLast summer we worked with a few stakeholders who placed a meta tag on their websites which tracked where their web traffic was coming from.  If you haven’t already done so, I suggest that you set your site up with Google Analytics.  It is a great way to see what methods are working the best.  We were able to track more than 27,000 leads (clicks from our website to the stakeholder site) just from one campaign.  We would love to know how many leads get sent to all of you from our website and online activities. 

Summer is also a great time to get a better understanding of who your customers are.  It really doesn’t take a lot of time.  I am sure you have been to a grocery or retail store and get asked what your postal code is as you checkout.  It really is as simple as that. If you train your staff to collect the postal code and city/town for each customer, you will be able to utilize our consumer data analysis program.  The $99 package includes full customer analysis, training on how to interpret the data and suggestions on how to utilize the information to drive more visitors to your location.  The world’s most successful businesses spend a good chunk of change figuring out how to get the most bang for their limited marketing dollars.  Central Counties is making it reasonably priced even for the smallest business.  More information about the program can be found here.

Temperance and TemptationAs I write this month’s update, I am listening to the audio files for the Durham Temperance and Temptation self-guided tour.  Delivered with the reserved properness of the early settlers, each chapter recounts the history of the area and the divisive effects of alcohol consumption and the temperance movement on the communities – illustrating them with interesting and funny stories.  I am really excited about these new self-guided experiences which are set to launch in early July.  Participants will take an incredible journey back in time and will be directed to visit several businesses along the way and encouraged to take as many “detours” as possible to visit even more of you during their travels.  

Temperance and Temptation Tour

What sets this apart from all of our other routes and itineraries is that the stakeholders are actively participating by providing a special experience for the participants, supporting the program through their marketing channels and tracking all of the visitors who come through the doors.  It really is taking our experiences to the next level and I look forward to speaking with you about how you can get involved with this or other new experiences we are creating.  I believe it is going to set us apart from the rest of the province and I can’t wait to jump in my car and take the journey’s!

Have an incredible and prosperous summer.  If you need us for anything, I am just an email away at cthibeault@centralcounties.ca.

Best regards, Chuck Thibeault