Why Research?

Central Counties Tourism is committed to providing its industry partners with access to the best third-party tourism research available and supports research-based development.

Tourism research information is a valuable tool in today’s competitive marketplace. Our goal is provide the industry with a central access point to reports and findings that enable local tourism operators to more effectively market their products, services and experiences

The Power of Data – Central Counties Visitor Research Program

Are you collecting data to grow your business? Read more about this here, and see sample reports for the RTO6 Region, York, Durham, and Headwaters.

Central Counties Tourism will be using Environics Analytics’ vast wealth of market data on demographics, media preferences, leisure, travel behaviour, and psychographics to help you understand more about the visitors to our region and the customers that visit your business.  If you’re interested in finding out more about who your customer is and their preferences – read more about the Central Counties Visitor Research Program 2019-20.   Contact Tom Guerquin, Research & Development Project Manager to learn how you can take advantage of this program for your business at tguerquin@centralcounties.ca

See a sample of the personalized data the Central Counties Market Research Program can provide to your business here: Region Wide Central Counties General Demographic Data

Purchase the Visitor Research Program for your business HERE.

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