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Shoulder Season Provides Time to Network and Learn

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Although a lot of your visitors may trek home after the busy summer season, your evaluation, marketing and business growth, shouldn’t slow down. The shoulder season presents an opportunity to conduct a post-tourist season review, engage in B2B networking and utilize resources and tools provided by Central Counties Tourism to develop and improve your business.

What Can Central Counties Business Owners Do?

Network:  You’ll meet like-minded tourism stakeholders and be immersed in thinking that impacts your business. First steps include attending business-to-business events. Check out what is offered through Central Counties, your regional DMO in York, Durham and Headwaters, and your local BIA or Chamber of Commerce.  It may surprise you to hear what your fellow tourism stakeholders talk about regarding similar challenges, new local initiatives and product development or tourism experience ideas. Connecting and brainstorming solutions and thoughts together can lead to good things! Contact us if you would like us to host a ‘Tourism Now’ session in your community.

Increase your tourism readiness: Take the Central Counties Tourism Readiness Survey and get a detailed snapshot of critical business and tourism requirements that are key to successfully integrating tourism into your business revenue matrix.

Stay connected:  Keep up to date on what’s happening and don’t miss an important opportunity in the Central Counties region and your local area by signing up HERE and READING the info newsletters.

Boost your tourism marketing:  Just about every tourism marketing topic you can imagine is offered FREE to CCT members at the e-learning university. Get started HERE.  Recommended for our Members:

  • Tourism on PURPOSE: Creating a Tourism Business with Impact
  • How does Google Find you?
  • Email Marketing that delivers
  • 20 ways to ruin a perfectly good tourism website
  • Understanding the Family Travel Market
  • How Destinations Succeed in SEO and SEM
  • Boost your Event – By Leveraging Social Media

Community Tourism: Be the catalyst that gets your community involved in the benefits of tourism and economic development for your local residents and visitors. It’s easy to get started with the Central Counties Community Tourism Plan, a guided step by step process with assistance from Central Counties to help you move your community forward.

Refresh your Media: Download new images from the Central Counties image bank library.   Check into your TripAdvisor account or get registered with these TripAdvisor tips.

Review Your CCT Cloud Profile:  Your profile is part of our tourism directory and consumer website. Stay current by checking your profile to ensure information is current and images are fresh! Upload your very best photos to the “Main Image” AND “Gallery” Fields. (Image specs: 300DPI; 1300 Pixels –Horizontal orientation).

Creative Thinking: Last but not least – take the time to do some blue-sky, creative thinking about your business goals, dreams and desires.  Read Be Extra-Ordinarya short piece on creating remarkable insights, put together by Todd Lucier for Central Counties 2017 symposiums.

Good luck in your planning. We look forward to working with you!

Successful Destination Management Planning Works!

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Great destinations are great places to live and work as well as to visit. Expanding a region’s tourism base can provide a wide range of benefits to businesses, employees and residents. When visitors spend discretionary income, that increases business profits, salaries and may benefit locals who are not directly engaged in the tourism sector. Well-managed destinations can also attract new investment to an area.

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Ideal Customer Profiling: Targeting Your Marketing

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In recent years, the ability to target advertising efforts to a highly specific audience has advanced beyond what many people would have ever thought possible. Advertising platforms such Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and many more now allow you to create highly targeted ads that are shown only to your ideal customer, letting you directly pinpoint your market without wasting your budget on reaching demographics that don’t fit the profile of someone who would be interested in your business.

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Central Counties New Board Members

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The Central Counties board welcomes new Directors, Kelly O’Brien, Galen Weston Centre for Food, Durham College; Angela Poletto, TRCA; and, Jeff Duncan, Councillor, Town of Erin. A special thank to departing board members Rob Kadlovski and Derek Edwards. Rob and Derek were among our first board members in 2010 and their combined knowledge and experience, coupled with passion and commitment to Central Counties mission and vision has been instrumental in building the organization.

Picture: Left to right (D. Edwards, R. Kadlovski)

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Tourism Week Interview – Chuck Thibeault, Executive Director

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Markham, ON – When most people think of a tourist, the image that comes to mind includes Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs and socks and sandals. For many businesses within York Region, Durham Region and Headwaters Region, that is why tourism is not top of mind as a means to grow their bottom line according to Chuck Thibeault, Executive Director of Central Counties Tourism, the provincially funded not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and promoting tourism throughout the region.

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