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Tourism Now Webinar Available

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Getting to Know Central Counties Tourism We are excited to launch our new webinar aimed at providing a snapshot of the tourism landscape and how we can work together to…

Cillian Murphy, International Award-Winning Tourism Speaker

Central Counties Tourism Symposiums a Success

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Symposium 2018 was a success! 400 region businesses and stakeholders gathered to network, share ideas and learn.

Stay tuned for our Symposium 2019 announcement. Its going to be BIG! Join us in early 2019 for one BIG (2 day event) event that gathers our region wide members together.

The Power of Collecting Customer Data

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In recent years, the ability to learn more about who your customers are, find out their likes, habits and what they do in their leisure time, including how to target your marketing has advanced beyond what many people would have ever thought possible. Advertising platforms such Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and many more now allow you to create highly targeted ads that are shown only to your ideal customer, letting you directly pinpoint your market without wasting your budget on reaching demographics that don’t fit the profile of someone who would be interested in your business.

Five Reasons You Should Explore Your Learning Potential

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We’ve all done it. You register for a webinar or a workshop and when the date comes, you find yourself too busy or not as interested in the topic as you were before, and you decide to pass on the event. Even with relevant and exciting content for our workshops – some of our best and targeted learning sessions go are under-attended. Here’s why you need to invest time in yourself and your business.